90-Minute Coaching Session with Grace

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How would it feel to gain clarity and purpose after a 90-minute power session?

One of my favourite quotes is "Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself." by George Bernard Shaw.  I saw this quote and it changed how I viewed the way the world works for me, and I want to share this with you. 

What if you could create the life of your dreams?

What if you could change your perspective and the way you think and feel about work, setting goals, relationships and your self-belief?

What if, in one session you gained the clarity you need to move forward from whatever is holding you back?

That's my job.  I'm here to help you discover how you can change the way you see things because it's what I know and what I've learned. 

What's included:

  • an initial email questionnaire that helps to guide our discussion
  • 90-minute zoom conversation
  • a reflection email with outcomes and any suggested homework to support you further through our discussion
  • An NFP Planner (value $55)


From my experience

For 20 years, I supported local charities and businesses to connect - I can share my personal experience about leadership, collaboration and networking.

I helped build the local office of three national charities from the ground up and raised over five million dollars for local charitable organisations. You can glean from my experience in strategic planning and direction, business development, self-management in a multi-faceted role, building relationships and self-care. 

I believe that a good coach practises what they teach and doesn't just talk, but actually walks the walk.

Here's where I gained some of my wisdom;

INSIGHT: I've travelled the world, lived in the USA twice, helped build an orphanage in Africa.
RESILIENCE: Been through break-ups (relationships and engagement) and accomplished Kokoda in 2018.  
PERSPECTIVE: Impacted by a family suicide. 
COURAGE: Suffered with and recovered from burnout.
BRAVERY: Built my own business.  Cared for my father until he passed in June 2022.
LEADERSHIP: Helped bring hundreds of charities together.
CREATION: Designed, created and sold over 5000 of the NFP Planners. And e-courses and books.
LEARNING: I love reading and using my reading to shift my generational patterns. Studying Kinesiology since March 2021.
FAITH: I spent 15 months in Hollywood, California as an assistant minister (first day of work was Sept 11 2001), and worked as a youth leader and chaplain.   
SERVICE & PATIENCE: I care for my elderly father full-time, while running my consulting business and studying for a Diploma of Kinesiology. 

MY VALUES:  Family, integrity, honesty, responsibility, accountability, service, and connection.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let me help you on this part of your journey. 

Let's walk, shall we?