Conscious Planning Workshop 2022

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Conscious planning is not about setting a lot of goals that you don’t reach or that you haven’t really considered carefully.

The Conscious Planning Workshop is holistic and bring science, psychology and ancient wisdom – mindfulness to help individuals and teams to step by step clean up their minds, to learn from the past and then set clear intentions for the future.

The Conscious Planning Workshop helps get into the nitty gritty of the planning to ensure you have all it takes to move towards your desired outcome while you enjoy the journey.

This program is available in either full day or two half day options.


“Having attended the Conscious Planning Workshop, I feel a sense of clarity and calm that goes hand in hand with setting intentions and breaking down goals into practical steps.  I loved getting creative at the workshop and playfully using art to explore my lessons from last year, whilst tapping into a well of self-compassion as I prepare to navigate new challenges as they arise in coming year. 

Grace and Charlotte lead our group on a fun, deep diving journey that that left us with tools and tips to consciously create a productive and healthy work/life balance.  The warmth and openness of my fellow participants was a highlight, as we learned from each other throughout the day.  If you are looking for some clarity and guidance as you prepare for the year ahead, I highly recommend this workshop”